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Saskatchewan Association of Geomatics Technologists




Q: Do I need a diploma in surveying technology to be a member of SAGT?

           A: No, it is not necessary to have a diploma in surveying or geomatics technology to be a member of SAGT. There are two certification levels, (Technician and Technologist). You can become a member of SAGT at the technician level if you are working in the geomatics industry. The technologist level requires a diploma in surveying or mapping related technologies or an equivalent level as determined by the certification board.

Q: Is SAGT recognized by industry?

           A: Yes, we are affiliated with the Saskatchewan Land Surveyors Association. Also, many companies in surveying related industries, such as pipe line companies have compensation incentives for employees who are members of SAGT.

Q: If I am certified at the technician level is it possible to be reclassified to a technologist level if I take further training?

           A: Yes, anytime that you feel that your education level has reached an equivalent of a diploma level, you may apply for reclassification.

Q: What are some of the advantages of membership in SAGT?

           A: The advantages of membership are many, but I'll try and list some of them; Keeps your technical knowledge current through workshops and seminars. Certification establishes a level of qualifications which help to provide a starting point for future studies for advancement in your current or future employment. Fellowship and the opportunity to exchange ideas with others in your field of work.

Q: How long will I have to wait from the time my application is submitted until I become a member of SAGT?

           A: The time may vary, depending on time of year. The certification board is composed of three members, one Saskatchewan Land Surveyor who is the chairman and two SAGT members. Depending on the work schedules of the board, it may take between one to three months to complete the certification process.

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