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Saskatchewan Association of Geomatics Technologists








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The Name of the Association is The Saskatchewan Association of Geomatics Technologist Inc.

The objective of the Association is to obtain status and recognition of the Survey Paraprofessional by the Survey Industry.

The means of achieving this objective shall be as follows:

1. To increase the knowledge, skill and proficiency of the members of the Association in a professional and fraternal way.
2. To establish standards of competency, fitness and moral character for its members.
3. To advance the welfare of certified technicians and technologist, in the following manner -
a) By fostering a greater interest in and a better understanding of Geomatics Technicians and Technologists by Industrial and Commercial Organizations and the public at large.
b) By studying the problems arising out of the relationship of the members with employers with respect to standards required for employment and to assist in their resolution.
4. To cooperate with other organizations having similar or allied objectives.
5. To affiliate with the Saskatchewan Land Surveyor's Association.


a) "Association", means the Saskatchewan Association of Geomatics Technologists Inc.
b) "Council", means the Council of the Association.
c) "Councillor", means a member of the council of the Association.
d) "President", means the President of the Association.
e) "Vice-President", means Vice-President of the Association.
f) "Registrar", means the Registrar of the Association.
g) "Member", means a Member of the Association.
h) "Advisory Member", means a Saskatchewan Land Surveyor appointed as a Councillor by the Saskatchewan Land Surveyors Association.
i) "Associate Member", means any interested party who does not qualify for membership under the Guidelines for Membership.
j) "Student Member", means one who is engaged in legal or Mine Surveys but does not have a minimum entrance qualification.
k) "Honorary Member", means a special non-voting member. All appointments of honorary membership are approved by the membership. This type of membership is reserved for long serving members who have retired.

The Council of the Association shall adopt a seal for the use of the Association. The said Seal shall at all times remain in the custody of the Registrar or the President and shall be affixed to a document only by the authority of the President, Vice-President, Registrar or any Councillor.

The Association, through its Council, may from time to time, adopt such Badge, Emblem, etc., as may be decided upon, with power to vary the same.

a) The Association shall chiefly operate in the Province of Saskatchewan.
b) The Association shall be non-partisan in political, religious and racial matters.
c) Wherever the masculine personal pronoun appears, it shall also be read to be the feminine personal pronoun, i.e. he/she, him/her, etc.
a) A person must be actively engaged:
(i) Legal Surveys - Under the direct supervision of a Commissioned Saskatchewan Land Surveyor.
(ii) Mining Surveys - Under the direct supervision of a qualified Professional.
(iii) Drafting - Related to the above fields
(iv) And similar qualifications that may be approved from time to time.
shall be admitted to membership in the Association.
b) The Registrar, on the admission of a member, shall notify him of such admission, enter his name in the Registrar of Members and issue a certificate indicating his grade as established by the Certification Board. The issued certificate shall at all times remain the property of the Association.
c) The Registrar shall return to each unsuccessful candidate the admission fee and the annual subscription paid by him, together with a written notice explaining the reason for rejection and indicating how and when he ma re-apply.
d) Each member in good standing shall be issued a membership card annually by the Registrar.
e) All members shall comply with the provisions of these by-laws and all amendments hereto, and with such regulations as may be made hereunder from time to time by the Council, and shall in all things endeavour to promote the interests of the Association and to carry out the objectives for which the Association was established.
f) Any member may withdraw from the Association by delivering to the Registrar, either personally or by registered mail, written notice to that effect.
g) Council may suspend or expel a member for nonpayment by him of annual subscription dues, charges, fees, fines or assessments, or for any conduct or reason which the Council shall deem to be not in the best interest of the Association.
h) If a member withdraws or is expelled from the Association he shall return the certificate of membership and classification which was issued to him to the Registrar.
i) Any person who ceases to be a member of the Association for any reason whatsoever, shall, ipso facto, cease to have any claim or interest in the assets, funds or property of the Association.

In addition to members, the Association may admit Associate members or Students to the Association, subject to such conditions and on such terms as may be specified by the Council from time to time.

a) The Annual Meeting of the Association shall be held at such place and at such time as Council may determine but in any event not later than the last day of April in each year. The following items of business shall be dealt with at each Annual Meeting:
(i) The approval of minutes of the last previous Annual Meeting and any Special General Meeting held during the year.
(ii) Business arising from the minutes.
(iii) Report of the President.
(iv) Report of the Registrar.
(v) Reports of the Representatives of Committees.
(vi) Auditors Report.
(vii) Election of Auditors.
(viii) Election of Officers and Councilors.
(ix) Installation of new Officers and Councillors.
(x) New Business.
b) A Special General Meeting of the Association may be convened by order of the President or Vice-President or by a Resolution of Council or on the written request for such meeting to the Registrar and signed by not fewer than ten (10) members of the Association. Any such request shall set forth the purpose for which the meeting is to be called. Written notice to the membership calling a Special General Meeting shall clearly state the intended purpose of the meeting and no other business shall be transacted at such meeting.
c) Written notice of the Annual Meeting or of a Special General Meeting shall be mailed at least fourteen (14) days prior to the date of such meeting to each member at his mailing address shown on the Registrar of the Association, or if no address is given therein, to the last address of such member known to the Registrar; provided always, that a meeting of the Members may be held for any purpose at any time at any place without notice if all the members entitled to notice of such meeting are present, or if all absent members shall have signified their consent in writing to such meeting being held. Notice of any meeting or any irregularity in any meeting or in the notice thereof may be waived by any Member. Such notice shall clearly set forth the place, date and hour of the meeting.
d) Every Member shall have one vote.
e) At the Annual Meeting, or at a Special General Meeting of the Association, all questions shall be decided by a majority cast by the Members present thereat in person. All voting, except for elections, shall be by a show of hands. In the event of a tie vote, the Chairman shall cast the deciding vote.
f) Other Meetings of the Association or meeting of Members of the Association in particular areas may be convened by the President, the Vice-President, or by the Council in order to carry out educational, social and other objectives of the Association. Business conducted at such meetings shall not be binding upon the Association unless confirmed by a meeting of Council of the Association, or by the membership as a whole, for which notice has been given.
g) Questions relating to procedure at meetings of Council and of the Association shall be decided by reference to the latest edition of Robert's Rules of Order.

Chapters of the Association may be established with the approval of the Council and in accordance with Chapter By-Laws which may be adopted by the Council.

a) The affairs of the Association shall be managed by a Council as provided herein.
b) The Council shall consist of nine councillors, namely:

(i) A President, one Vice-President, four Councillors, all of whom will be referred to as 'Elected' members of Council;
(ii) The immediate Past President of the Association, who shall be a Councillor ex officio;
(iii) Two members of the Saskatchewan Land Surveyors Association appointed by the said Association, who shall be Councillors ex officio and be referred to as 'Advisory Members of Council';
c) The Council shall appoint a Registrar who will act as Secretary and Treasurer of the Association.
d) Term lengths and vacancies for Elected members of Council:
(i) The President and Vice-President shall be elected annually by Members of the Association.
(ii) In the first instance two of the elected Councillors shall be elected by the members for a two year term and two shall be elected for a one year term, and thereafter two Councillors shall be elected for a two year term.
(iii) Where there is a vacancy in the council for any reason, the remaining elected members of Council shall appoint a member of the Association to fill the vacancy, and such appointee shall hold office for the balance of the unexpired term of the vacating Councillor.
e) All elected members of council shall be elected at the Annual Meeting by secret ballot.
f) No elected member of the Council shall hold the same office for more than two consecutive terms.
g) The management, direction and administration of the business and finances of the Association shall be vested in the Council, which may exercise such powers and do all such acts and things as may be exercised or don by the Association and which are not required to be done either by the Association as a whole or by the Certification Board.
h) The Council shall have the power to appoint such committees as may be deemed necessary to carry out the business of the Association, and each committee shall submit a report to the Annual Meeting .

a) The President shall act as chairman of all meetings of the Council and of the Annual Meeting and Special General Meetings of the Association. He may vote only to decide a question on which votes are tied.
b) The Vice-President shall be vested with all the powers and perform all the duties of the President in the absence or disability or refusal to act of the President, together with such other powers and duties, if any, as may from time to time be assigned to him by Council.
c) The elected Councillors shall serve on Council and assist in the operations of the Association.
d) The Advisory Members shall assist in the operation of the Association and act as liaison between the Association and the Saskatchewan Land surveyors Association. They shall not be entitled to a vote at meetings of Council or at meetings of the Association.
e) The Registrar shall fulfill those duties normally undertaken by a Secretary and a Treasurer. He shall record and maintain minutes of all meetings of all meetings of Council, the Annual Meeting and all Special General Meetings of the Association. He Shall have the care and custody of all the funds and securities of the Association and shall deposit same in the name of the Association in such bank or banks, or with such depository or depositories as the Council may direct. He shall at all reasonable times exhibit his books and accounts to any Councillor of the Association upon application at the office of the Association during business hours. He shall sign or countersign such instruments as require his signature and shall perform all duties incident to his office or that are properly required of him by the Council. He shall also be responsible for the preparation and maintenance of the financial records which clearly show from whom all income has been received and to whom and for what reason all disbursements have been made. The Registrar shall have no vote at meetings of Council unless he is an elected member of Council.
f) No Officer or Councillor of the Association shall receive any remuneration for his services, except that the Registrar may receive a salary or honorarium if so decided by Council.
g) Reasonable out-of-pocket expenses, when properly substantiated, may be paid to a Councillor, or Officer, and, at the discretion of Council, to any member who attends Council meetings or who acts on behalf of the Association away from his usual place of residence.

The Chairman may, with the consent of any meeting of the Association, adjourn the same from time to time, and no notice of such adjournment need be given to the members. Any business may be brought before or dealt with at any adjourned meeting which might have been brought before or dealt with at the original meeting in accordance with the notice calling same.

Three members personally present shall be a quorum of any meeting of members of the Association for the choice of the Chairman and the adjournment of the meeting. For all other purposes, quorum for any meeting shall be members personally present not being less than twenty five percent (25%) of paid up membership at time of the meeting. No business shall be transacted at any meeting unless the quorum is present at the commencement of the business.

a) Meetings of Council shall be convened by the President or by the President on the request in writing signed by not fewer than four (4) members of Council. In any event the Council shall meet at least once every four (4) months.
b) If the President does not proceed to cause a Council meeting to be held within fourteen (14) days from date of his receipt of a request in writing from four (4) or more members of Council as provided for in the immediately preceding paragraph, any five (5) members of Council may themselves convene a meeting, but any meeting so convened shall not be held more than two (2) months from the date of the deposit of the request with the President. Any meeting convened by five (5) members of Council under the provisions of this section shall be convened in the same manner, as nearly as possible at that in which meetings are convened by the President.
c) The time and place of Council meetings shall be determined by the President or by the members of Council who call the meeting, and written notice of the meeting shall be delivered or mailed or telegraphed or telephoned to all members of Council at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting; provided however that a meeting of Council may be held on shorter notice if seven (7) members of Council waive notice of the calling of the meeting.
d) A quorum of council shall consist of four (4) Councillors, all of whom shall be elected members.
e) If any member of Council is unable to attend a meeting of Council he shall so inform the Registrar prior to the meeting.
f) If any elected member of Council absents himself without the approval of Council from three consecutive meetings of Council of which he receives due notice, Council may declare his seat to be vacant.

a) At each Annual Meeting, there shall be elected a President, a Vice-President and two (2) Councillors. Additional Councillors shall also be elected to fill any vacancies on Council.
b) A nominating Committee shall be appointed at the first Council meeting following the Annual Meeting to serve for the ensuing year. The Committee shall consist of three (3) members of the Association, one of whom shall be the retiring President, who shall be the chairman. Council shall fill any vacancies which may occur in this nominating Committee.
c) Not less than thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Meeting, the nominating committee shall submit to the Registrar a list of nominees for Council which shall include at least one nominee for President, one for Vice-President, and at least two nominees for Councillors. In selecting nominees,, the Committee shall give due consideration geographical location and field of endeavor.
d) Not less than fourteen days prior to the Annual Meeting , the Registrar shall mail to each member a list of the nominations proposed by the nominating Committee.
e) Additional nomination for any office or offices may be made from the floor at the appropriate time during the Annual Meeting.
f) Nomination submitted by the nominating Committee must be accompanied by the written consent of the nominees.
g) Elections shall be conducted by secret ballot.
h) Each member is entitled to vote for as many candidates as there are vacancies to be filled or for a lesser number.
i) At the Annual Meeting the President shall appoint three members to act as a ballot counting Committee.
j) The members of the Committee shall count and record the votes cast for each nominee.
k) The results of the poll shall then be announced by the Chairman.
l) In the case of equality of votes for any office or Councillor, the Chairman of the Annual Meeting shall cast a deciding vote.
m) Any objection to the poll as announced shall be valid only if made immediately after the announcement and a proper request for recount will then be in order. If such a request is supported by ten members, the Chairman shall appoint a ballot recounting Committee of five members who shall forthwith recount all the ballots. Candidates may be present or represented at such recount.
n) On completion of the recount the results shall be communicated in writing to the Chairman who shall announce them to the Annual Meeting immediately. Such recount shall be final and binding.
o) Following the announcement of the poll or of the recount as the case may be, the ballots and any tally sheets shall be destroyed.

14. FEES
a) Operation of the Association will be financed through annual assessment of all the members together with other income which may accrue to the Association from other sources.
b) Council shall determine the amount of the annual fee to be paid by the members, Associate Members or Students on a yearly basis.
c) Council may, from time to time, fix a fee for admission to the Association and thereafter such admission fee shall be paid by every new applicant for membership, together with the current year's membership fee or applicable portion thereof.
d) Council may, from time to time, fix a reclassification fee which shall be paid at the time any member applied for reclassification to a higher category.
e) Council may, from time to time, fix an examination fee to be paid by any member writing examinations for reclassification or to be paid by an applicant for membership required to write examinations.
f) Reclassification fees, or a portion thereof in the discretion of council, may be returned to the applicant in the event his application is rejected.

a) The execution of all documents and the signing of all cheques in connection with the administration of the Association shall be done only by such persons who are authorized to do so by Council, at least two (2) signatures being required.
b) All monies received by or on behalf of the association shall be deposited with a Chartered Bank, Treasury Branch or Trust Company.
c) All disbursements of the funds of the Association shall be by cheque of which there shall be a record kept.
d) The account of the Association shall be examined by the Auditors who shall present to the Annual Meeting a complete statement thereof duly certified.
e) The books of the Association may be examined by any member of the Association during normal business hours.
f) The Association may acquire and take by purchase, donation or otherwise land and personal property and may sell, exchange, mortgage, lease, let, improve and develop the same and may erect and maintain any necessary buildings.
g) For the purpose of carrying out its objectives, the Association may borrow, or raise or secure the payment of money in such a manner as it thinks fit, and in particular, by the issue of debentures; but this power shall be exercised only under the authority of the Association, and in no case shall debentures be issued without the sanction of vote of the members of the Association, passed by a majority of not less than three quarters (3/4) of such members entitled to vote as are present in person, at a General Meeting of which twenty one (21) days written notice specifying the intention to propose the resolution has been given.
h) The fiscal year of the Association shall end on the 31st. day of December in each year and audited financial statements will be prepared for presentation to the membership reflecting the financial status of the Association at that date.

Proposed additions, amendments to, or rescission of the By-Laws shall be submitted by Council to the members at the Annual meeting or a Special General Meeting. Any amendments to, rescission of, or addition to By-Laws shall be effective when ratified by the vote of three quarters of the members entitled to vote and present in person or by proxy at the Annual or at a Special General Meeting of the Association.

a) A Certification Board shall rule on the qualifications of all applicants for membership in the Association and shall establish a classification or grade for each member. This Board shall consist of five (5) members, namely:
(i) Three (3) Saskatchewan Land Surveyors appointed by the Saskatchewan land Surveyors Association, one of whom shall act as Chairman of the Board.
(ii) Two (2) members of the Saskatchewan Association of Geomatics Technologists Inc., appointed by the Council of the Association.
The initial meeting of the Certification Board may be held with the three Saskatchewan Land Surveyors only, pending the subsequent appointment of the two members of the Association to the Board.
b) A panel of Examiners reporting to the Certification board may be appointed to rule on the academic qualifications of all applicants for membership in the Association. This panel shall consist of five (5) members, namely:
(i) Three (3) Saskatchewan Land Surveyors appointed by the Saskatchewan land Surveyors Association, one of whom shall act as Chairman of the Panel.
(ii) Two (2) members of the Saskatchewan Association of Geomatics Technologists Inc., appointed by the Council of the Association.
c) The Panel of Examiners shall have the power to consult with any additional persons who may be required to properly assess the academic qualifications of a candidate.
d) The Registrar shall act as Secretary to the Certification Board.
e) The Certification Board and the Panel of Examiners shall meet at such times and at such places as the Certification Board may deem necessary to fulfill the obligations of the two bodies.
f) Properly authenticated travel, subsistence and meeting expenses for members of the Certification Board and the Panel of Examiners will be reimbursed by the Association.
g) The Certification Board shall establish the basis of admission to the Association with respect to educational qualifications and experience, and for classification of a member to one of the grades. It shall make any inquiries as to the fitness of an applicant and shall direct the Panel of Examiners on matters relating to levels of achievement and areas of examinations. Further, the Certification Board shall establish which technologies will be considered as being related to surveying.
h) Classification procedures, standards and bases of admission to the Association shall be approved by the Council of the Association and the Council of the Saskatchewan Land Surveyors Association.

a)Council shall appoint a Continuing Education Committee.   The committee shall consist of three (3) members of Saskatchewan Association of Geomatics Technologists, one of whom shall act as Chairman of the Committee.
b)The membership, from time to time, at annual general meetings, shall establish point requirements and penalties for non-compliance.
c)Members shall be required to submit a list of the educational programs attended during the year with his/her yearly membership dues.
d)The Continuing Education Committee shall review each members annual education program to ensure compliance.  The committee shall notify non-compliant members and the Registrar of any penalties imposed.

2003 Saskatchewan Association of Geomatics Technologists